Episode 43

All-Sibyl Ska Spectacular


12 July 2021

18 mins

Season 4

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Episode 43
All-Sibyl Ska Spectacular
The Gang Goes On Ska-mmer Vacation

This week, everyone leaves Sibyl to her own devices in the land of brass and horn-y... tunes, that is! Join us on a lovely trip through the genre of ska and announcements of what's coming for the show now that we're a year into this project.

I can't believe they let me do this.

  • Sibyl

Sibyl lied, I actually like the bosstones

  • Elaine


OPENING THEME IS usually POP PUNK VOICE THIS TOWN BY BLINK-420 but this week it's USSR ska: https://blink-420.tumblr.com/post/66734635835/pop-punk-voice-this-town